The Mind

The dog’s mind is often misunderstood. Too often we assume they can comprehend and should abide by our expectations and social preferences that are so far beyond their cognitive level. And while people are starting to understand our dogs have emotional needs, not many have grasped the fact that unwanted behaviours are so often driven by the emotional state of our dog.

By focussing our energy into helping our dog feel safe, settled and comfortable and putting the mental and emotional health of our dogs as a priority; stress, fear and anxiety in our dogs will decrease and the amount behaviour issues will come down with them.

Aussie Antlers
We source naturally shed antler from Red deer, Fallow deer and Rusa deer to have the widest range available. But our biggest claim is that we match the antler to each dog’s breed and age. Tell us about your dog, we will guide you to the best suited antler.
Dogs love them. Great for dogs that love to chew. They will not splinter, can last for months and are full of nutrients. They do not have an odour or residue like beef bones so are perfect for an indoor treat. The added benefit of chewing antler is it promotes healthy teeth and gums.

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LickiMats are a unique and versatile product range designed by vets. They are manufactured and used by pet lovers and pet owners. They are designed to improve your pet’s mental health. They are designed to improve your pet’s oral health. Our range is based on a challenge/reward based treat delivery system that engages pets over a long period of time while only delivering small portions of their favourite treat. LickiMats are designed to deliver a medical free way to promote calm behavior in your pet while home alone or during stressful times.

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Bondi Behaviourist
We specialise in helping owners create healthy and happy dogs. We understand that dog ownership should not be stressful for you or your dog. We use positive and humane training methods to teach you and your dog how to overcome unwanted behaviours, train your dog from the beginning or introducing a dog to the home and family.

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Barney Bed

Created by dog lovers who searched the world for a bed that combines luxury, comfort and practicality in one. We didn’t find it so we designed our own.

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Potty Plant
For your mental health more so than your dogs; The Potty Plant is Australia’s first real grass dog toilet. It was created to meet a real need for providing our puppies and dogs with the most natural and effective toileting tool possible.

It is made from durable non-permeable recycled plastic which does not have any crevices or smelly ‘pee drawers’ you need to empty. The grass does all the work for you and most dogs use it immediately. The patented design of the Potty Plant cleverly stops dogs from nibbling and getting to the grass edges thanks to the top frame. The Potty Plant is delivered to your doorstep with grass included and is ready to use! This is what the Starter Kit is. Sign up to a grass subscription to receive regular grass deliveries to keep your Potty Plant fresh. The Potty Plant measures at 83cm x 62cm.

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